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You do not start a football league, let's clear it out. Every country, state, region, province or district has its own group. Whether they are good or not. Do you ask how much it costs to form an Italian football league? Nothing. The group is already there, it is about approving reforms and they are
The answer is: you do not need investment, you need supporters !! Take a look at China's top leagues: Billions of players are wasted, but there are still few fans… If it continues, they will be tired and stop investing… Goodbye បាល់ទាត់ Chinese football…

People can not expect Messi or ronaldp to visit their country to start ruining their local football. Too easy to support an established club If you want to have good games near you, you will have to put some money in your club to help them become rich and therefore by better players. That is the only way to improve a football league with a weak talent.
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