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So New Hero's Launch 
We have seen bothe Confed amd Resis hero
The new T1 hero for confed is like a wasp counter part, We better hope it can help getting resource box
In the hero which is more agile 
We can probably take that
It's passive abilities can be either one
- Turning invisble when under fire for a couple of seconds 
- Turning invisible onsight of enemy for recon for couple of seconds 
Invisibility option it damn good, if it’s option2  we can recon bases with being shot Down 
It's Active ability 
- Radar 
It's basically cyclone and scientific vehicles jumbled together,  You can see units in ionized cloulds more of a like a portable radar, You just designate the targeted area and it will show you units for a few seconds probably under the cloud
Sieze mode
In the video it’s view suddenly increased to detect the enemy JCP it’s more of a like a sieze mode then passove mode, i mean how can your unit know there is enemy unit
I can be wrong, It can also be a passive  ability which will scan the surrounding like a pulser or submarine every 4/5 seconds or so but that would be too OP 
Attack target
Mid air
Underwater, if  there is force fire option to the plasma mini canon then we think we would be able to force fire to hit the submarine 
It will menuavour like a cyclone 

The New T1  hero of  resistance is basically Hammer on Steroid, One night the hammer drank some red bull and started a rampage
Passive abilities 
Thrwoing 6 smoke grande which release ionized gas, looks like the smoke granades are on steroids too
After throwing the unit on the other side won't be able to attack this side becuase their hit rate will drop, more of when rifemen throws smoke grandes but it’s the bigger version 
It maybe tiggers when there are multiple units and upon   in range of ground troops, how many troops needs to be tigger that's a question to ask
Active ability
-Throwing 10 tactocal mines in a line
It's more of like a solaris nerfed ability with makesift mateirla from the basement 
It is useful cause confed unit usually comes in with lines columns 
Attack target :
Mid Air
Under water if forced fire is available. it has a big ass machines mounted instead of hammer cannon 
It's looks like the machines gun has been hitting the gym, boy the machine gun can take out air unit,
He doesn’t need Air defense
He is the Air defense!!! 
It does look like it has a jaguar frame
I wouldn’t be surprised if it can siege and unseige with greater range
It the most OP unit the resis have along with Leviathan. 
What are your thoughts guys? Did i miss anything? Comment
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