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This summer, we released two updates that improved our matchmaking in tournaments and blitz tournaments. But what exactly was changed? Let’s find it all out!

Earlier, the matchmaking system was massively dependent on your current winrate, which is your win percentage over the last 50 PvP and tournament battles. Some strong players lost PvP battles on purpose to make their current winrate lower and consequently play against weaker opponents in tournaments. Thus, strong players enjoyed winning streaks, and average players had a hard time losing battles.

To address the issue, we introduced the cumulative tournament winrate. Players couldn’t see it, and its calculation is based on the tournament battles’ results. The formula used is pretty sophisticated — it even excludes intentionally lost tournament battles. Apart from that, in each tournament, the current winrate of an ongoing tournament is calculated.

At the beginning of a tournament, the matchmaking considers the cumulative tournament winrate. But as the tournament approaches its end, the current winrate of an ongoing tournament plays a more significant role. Last tournament battles are organized solely based on the current winrate of an ongoing tournament. So, if you complete a tournament almost without losses, you’ll play against such skilled players in the last battles. 

There’s a separate count of winrates for tournaments and blitz tournaments. It means your successful play in blitz battles won’t affect the tournament matchmaking and the other way around.

Things that won’t be counted during matchmaking:
● Player rank. Opponents are chosen from one league. Yet you may play against an opponent from a neighboring league with a difference of no more than one rank.
● Unit and building upgrade. It doesn’t affect directly but influences indirectly. As a rule, players with better upgrade levels have a higher winrate. That’s why there’s still an indirect influence on matchmaking.
● Commander Skills upgrade. As previously stated, it’s not directly considered but influences indirectly.
All in all, the new matchmaking system considers how good a player is during an ongoing tournament and in tournaments in general. If you’d like to win a tournament, in the majority of cases, you’ll play against more or less equal opponents.

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