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The World Cup kicks off on Sunday with what will be the first match the Qatari hosts have ever played on the biggest stage in football, a tense clash with South American representatives Ecuador. Gustavo Alfaro's side surprised many by picking their fourth and final automatic spot of the continent in last year's tournament and will be aiming to avoid teams including the Netherlands and Senegal. Who was also injured.
Although FIFA's ranking is not high, Qatar's current strength is among the highest in Asia and it can also compete with the world's top teams. As hosts, they certainly hope to have a good start and have enough fighting spirit.

However, Qatar's strength is weaker than the other teams in the group. Facing Ecuador in this campaign, Qatar's outlook should not be overestimated.

Ecuador is now mature and enthusiastic, with experienced veterans leading the team along with energetic youth. The team includes Moises Caicedo and others who have proved their mettle in European competition. Team competition has improved significantly.

The AH line is favorable to Ecuador on distant lands. So we can go for a win away from home!

Although Qatar has never played in the World Cup before, they are the hosts of the tournament. Although Ecuador is strong in South America, Qatar is able to maintain a draw.
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