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Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 26 – A youthful high school turning out to be surely understood through her political and social exercises known as Thy Sovantha guaranteed for rights to oversee Cambodian National Rescue Party's Sun Television and guaranteed to make it work in a brief span, as indicated by a post on her Facebook Page with 1.3 million preferences promoted on Feb. 26, 2016.

I might want to assert for a privilege to oversee CNRP's Sun Television to make it prepared in only six months keeping in mind the end goal to recoup CNRP's notoriety, Sovantha composed on her Facebook Page.
Raised by CRNP's authorities, Sovantha is prominent and daring an adolescent that gravely reprimands the legislature and goes to open supporters for better changes. These cases show that Sovantha is fit for administration and can help CNRP process its own particular broadcasting company. In this way, there are issues with assets to set up the system, inward clashes, and staff administration. Given the benefit to Sovantha, I trust she can recuperate the honor of CNRP, he included.

As of now, Sovantha is a president of Social Affairs Youth Organization, subsidized $100,000 by a Singapore's relationship to bolster instruction to Cambodian youngsters. This can likewise be another sign to demonstrate her ability.
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