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In one minute video posted up since before the incident occurred, presented the Harambe Serendipity is picked vegetables (vegetables like broccoli) at once.
A video from 5 months prior from the Cincinnati Zoo Facebook page, which indicates Harambe eating his celery in his typical interesting style of disposing of the celery takes off. I've seen recordings and perused about him and everything demonstrates that he was the gentlest soul who had an identity and appeal that everybody adored.

In the 17 years of his life (it was his seventeenth birthday just yesterday really), he never hurt anyone. He lived in the Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas before they moved him to Ohio and regardless of carrying on with a hopeless life in bondage he was extremely resigned and kind-natured so to unnecessarily shoot him dead while he was PROTECTING a tyke that fell into his fenced in area as a consequence of careless child rearing truly harms my heart.

The zoo attendants who have a nearby bond with Harambe ought to have been close by to just go into the fenced in area and recover the kid. Will people ever learn? A blameless life lost in vain. Zoos truly need to wind up a relic of days gone by. If you don't mind as there is no stimulation in stolen flexibility.
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