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The lack of this story has three main points, the first one, the second has been a lot of awkward, the story is much to play, so much is missing the story, the story is not good, the third, the most important is gesture in each story, if the gesture is not good story, I do not despise movie itself, but I just fill in the point.

Khmer movie has long been lost quality after dark but nearly a decade it has very good quality, verbal gestures and affiliation issues in this story lacking mainly on the interface of the problem, the problem, the meaning, the problem and the word and logical logic. In addition, the deep emotion between male and female does not imply, perhaps as in the past, with a mindset, not to get more participation from other people who have different skills, so that they are more diverse and more like Hollywood films, there is a story of four or five editors (every time the story finishes, we can read that there is This is because the fear is not known as being alone (not a movie because nothing else), but the effort will get the better result.
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