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If it's not too much trouble like and share if the video was helpful! Much obliged for viewing! Mass has lost control and wreaking destruction in a urban zone, devastating everything in the city. Vigorously outfitted police units and defensively covered vehicles endeavor to stop him by shooting at Hulk. No impact. Iron Man flies in and orders the police to stop. Stark is set up for this and there are interested items flying close by him. Metal plates originate from the sky and crush into the ground in front and around Hulk, encompassing him and encasing him in a cell of sorts to contain him. Mass breaks free. Iron Man in wearing his primary Mark 43 suit and afterward pieces started collecting much like the protective layer from Iron Man 3 framing the Hulkbuster around him. The end of this bit was appeared in the principal Avengers 2 trailer. Stark endeavors to talk down Hulk: "The witch is upsetting your cerebrum. You're more intelligent than her, you're Bruce Banner." Then it transforms into no-nonsense activity as they battle and crush through the avenues and all over structures. Hulkbuster has the edge until Hulk gets behind him and wounds an activity light through the defensive layer. Like we said above, Stark is set up for this, and as the Hulkbuster external defensive layer takes harm, pieces tumble off and new pieces come into supplant. It's a particular configuration. At a certain point, Iron Man gets on top of Hulk and over and over punches at his face, while saying "Rest, go to rest." No impact. Stark's arrangement is apparently to get Hulk out of the zone so he orders one of the tumbled off, broken arm pieces to connect to Hulk and help him fly out of the zone.
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